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WELCOME! If you are a new resident to the Columbia area, we hope the information here and on the pages will help to get you going.

Newcomer's Club of Greater Columbia

Columbia Area Information on the Internet
Central Midlands Information/Data
Central Midlands Council of Governments
Columbia "A to Z"
Lake Murray

Automobile Information -- Driver's License
New residents from another state have 90 days to obtain a driver's license. No written exam is required with a valid driver's license from another state, but an eye test is required. Military personnel may operate a vehicle on a driver's license of his/her home state. If moving from within South Carolina, residents have 10 days to report a change of address.
For further information, call the Department of Public Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles at (803) 737-1767.
Office Locations: 1630 Shop Road (Columbia); 122 Park Road (Lexington); 1016 Broadstone Road (Irmo)

Bus Service
Provided by City of Columbia.
Columbia Transit System

Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Contact: Department of Natural Resources; 1000 Assembly Street (Columbia) (803) 734-3833

New students to the area will need: birth certificate; immunization records; previous report cards; medical form from the local Health Department or a personal physician.
Richland County School District One (803) 733-6000
Richland County School District Two (803) 787-1910
Lexington County School District Two (803) 796-4708
Lexington & Richland Counties School District Five (803) 732-8000

Also, see our "Schools" Web page for links to the various school districts.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (803) 799-9000
Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (803) 359-5551
Central Electric Power Cooperative (803) 779-4975

Natural Gas
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (803) 799-9000

BellSouth (803) 780-2355

Columbia Water Department (803) 733-8285

Voting Requirements
To vote in South Carolina, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age at the time of the election, mentally competent, and not under conviction of a felony. You must register to vote at least 30 days prior to an election. Contact the Voter Registration office in your county:
Richland County: 2020 Hampton Street (Columbia) (803) 748-4944
Lexington County: 219 E. Main Street (Lexington) (803) 359-8361

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Columbia "A to Z"

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